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Speech & Language Services

Good speech, language, and communication skills are an important part of school success.

Speech & language therapy is offered throughout the entire South Dearborn School Corporation, including each elementary school, the middle school, as well as at the high school level.

Every child is unique and has an individual rate of speech/language development. Children learn speech gradually and as they mature and get older, they often correct speech errors on their own without intervention. If a child is unable to correctly produce sounds when he/she reaches a certain age, speech therapy services may be needed.

Speech and language services are available to students that qualify under Indiana's Article 7. These services focus on remediating skills in the areas of articulation (speech sound production), expressive & receptive language (grammar, vocabulary, word retrieval, listening comprehension), fluency (stuttering), voice disorders, as well as pragmatics (social skills). A student may be referred for an evaluation in the area of speech and/or language impairment by the speech-language pathologist, a teacher, or a parent. Speech and language therapy offers students the ability to participate in individual and group therapy type situations.

At South Dearborn Community Schools speech screenings are given at the kindergarten level either at pre-registration (Kindergarten Round-up) or at the beginning of the school year. If a referral is needed at any stage in a student's school career, you will be contacted by the school's speech-language pathologist. If you have concerns about your child's speech-language development do not hesitate to contact the school speech therapist.

Important early intervention speech therapy evaluations/services are also offered to students who qualify, prior to entering kindergarten, from ages 3-5 by contacting the ROD Special Education Cooperative at 812-623-2212.